Can I get express salary?

Can I get express salary?

Express salary means, that we pay your salary before we get payment from your customer.

Express salary is possible if:

  1. We have payment history for multiple invoices to your customer and we have received payments according to the due date. This means that express salary is never paid for the first invoice.
  2. The company’s credit information is in order.
  3. The invoice sum must not exceed 1500 euros (incl. VAT) and your previous express salary invoice is paid.
  4. Terms of payment is max 14 days.
  5. Your invoice is indisputable. This will be checked every time from your customer.
  6.  Your customer is not a private individual or a foreign company.

Express pay is not a personal benefit, it is based on the payment behavior of your customer. If you have been paid an express salary and your principal changes, the terms of the express salary will be reviewed again. 

Payment of the express salary may be suspended if the customer’s payments begin to be delayed.

We reserve the right to accept or reject a request for express pay and, if necessary, to limit the amount. If your customer fails to pay the invoice and / or pays only part of it, you must refund the salary you received accordingly.

Service fee for express salary is normal service fee 5 % +  4 %. Minimum service fee is 30e.

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