Terms of Service

The Työt rahaksi -service is provided by Factura Oy. Factura Oy takes care of invoicing for professionals in different areas and then reimburses the received money as salary according to the agreed terms. By authorising Factura Oy to invoice on your behalf and to handle your salary payment, you accept these terms.

1. The invoice contract between you and Factura Oy is created when you register to the service through the Työt rahaksi website and accept the terms of service.  To be able to use our service, you must be liable to tax in Finland. Factura Oy protects the privacy of its users in accordance with the provisions of the Finnish Personal Data Act and and new  General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR. Registration is without any obligation, and you can stop using the service at any time without prior notice to Factura Oy.

2. You must agree upon the terms and conditions of your assignment directly with your employer. (We recommend written contracts.) Sales and marketing activities related to your work are your responsibility and are not included in our service fee. If there are statutory requirements for work, you are responsible for meeting the statutory requirements.

3. You must settle any differences arising from your assignment directly with your employer. Factura Oy only manage billing on behalf of you, and is not liable for any obligations or liabilities related to contracting party. Factura Oy is not in the employer’s position. Factura Oy may be liable for any direct damages arising from its own service. The total liability of Factura Oy for each of the parties to the contract is the amount of the invoicing fee charged by Factura Oy related to the assignment.

4. You must ensure that your rates are not below the minimum wage rates set by legislation. You must check the relevant legislation yourself.

5. You are covered by work accident insurance during the assignment. Factura Oy also provides liability insurance for up to €500,000. It covers physical injuries and damage to property caused by you to third parties in accordance with the current terms of the insurance company. The insurance does not cover damage caused by unprofessional workmanship.

6. You must adhere to occupational health and safety requirements.

7. Factura Oy pays your salary once your client has settled the bill and you have sent all the necessary information (details on salary recipients and any salary split, travel expenses, receipts, etc.) to Factura Oy. The following is deducted from the quoted price exclusive of VAT: our current service fee, statutory employer and employee fees, insurances and your income tax rate. We will send you an itemized payslip for each salary payment and any documents you may need for your local TE office (the Finnish government-funded employment agency) and trade union. Each salary and expense payment is a one-time and non-recurring settlement that includes holiday compensation and is in accordance with your assignment.

8. You are responsible for providing Factura Oy with full and accurate information on tax-free mileage and per diem allowances and other expenses you wish to claim.

9. You are responsible to arrange your own pension by taking an YEL-insurance, if requirements  are met.  Fees for YEL insurance are paid directly to a pension insurance company . Read more about YEL-insurance.

10. From 1st of January 2020, Factura Oy collects the employer´s health insurance fee only from those, who are required to have YEL insurance. You must provide Factura Oy with sufficient information about the insurance obligation, also about income subject to YEL from other sources. Factura Oy will observe the accumulation of income and if the insurance obligation is met, Factura Oy collects the health insurance retroactively.

11. You are not entitled to make purchases, make credit or hire contracts or subcontracts in the name of Factura Oy.

12. When you work as a light entrepreneur through us, you cannot have your own active business at the same time. You can close your own business, or suspend it by deleting it from your prepayment and VAT records.

13. Factura Oy is responsible for ensuring that invoicing is done in accordance with generally accepted business practices and the Finnish Accounting Act and that all remunerations required by law are withheld from each salary payment according to current rules and regulations.

14. The terms and conditions of the service are valid until further notice. Factura Oy has the right to make changes to the Terms of Service without consent. You are considered to have accepted the changes by continuing to use the service.

Updated 1.1.2022.