Instructions – billing application

The billing order will be checked by us before sending the invoice to your customer. If something unclear, we will contact you for further information.

According to our service guarantee, the invoice will be sent to your customer within the same day we receive your billing order, provided that no further clarification is required. The service guarantee is valid on weekdays for billing orders that are created before 3pm.

First you have to register for our service with your email and password ”Rekisteröidy/Sähköposti/Salasana/Salasana uudelleen” ”Register/Email/Password/Password again”. After you have accepted terms of service (“Hyväksyn palvelun käyttöehdot”) click “Rekisteröidy”. You can now log in “Kirjaudu sisään” with your email and password.

Before you can send your first billing order, you need to fill in your personal information in “Asetukset” (Settings) / Omat tiedot” (Personal information):

Etunimi / First name

Sukunimi / Surname

Osoite / Address

Postinumero / Postal code

Postitoimipaikka / Postal district

Puhelinumero / Telephone number

Lisätietoja / Toimiala  – Additional information/ Line of business (determines the accident insurance percentage)

Tilinumero / Bank account number

Uusi verokortti  ”Lähetä tiedosto” / Tax card / Send your tax card via ”Select file”.

Uusi laskutusmääräys – New billing order

Click “Uusi laskutusmääräys” and start to fill in necessary information.

Select first if you want to invoice a company “Yritys” or a private person “Yksityishenkilö”

Yrityksen nimi – Name of your customer

The default check box “Laskutan asiakasta ensimmäistä kertaa” means that you are invoicing your customer for the first time. If you are invoicing the same customer again, just unmark the default and only fill in the name. The application will get the data from your previous invoice.

Y-tunnus tai ALV-tunnus / Company ID (you can check the company ID in Finland at ). If invoicing another EU-country, you need to fill in VAT number. You get this number from your client.

Postiosoite / Address

Postinumero / Postal code

Postitoimipaikka / Postal district

Maa / Country (if you select other country than Suomi, the invoice template will be in English).

Laskutustapa / Billing method

Click the line and select:

Sähköposti / E-mail: This option opens a line where you can enter the customer´s email address. Check the address carefully to make sure, that the invoice goes to the correct address.

Kirjeposti / By traditional post: We don´t recommend this because Posti is quite slow nowadays.

Verkkolasku / E-invoicing: The best way to send an invoice to a company is an e-invoicing. For e-invoicing you need the company´s e-invoicing address and operator code. When you select e-invoicing, a line opens for you to enter this information. You can also check the e-invoicing address at

Yhteyshenkilö/viite/ Contact person or reference

Laskutettavat tuotteet – Description of work

Määrä   /  Pcs

Yksikkö / Unit (hour, pcs, day, kilometer)

Kuvaus /  Description of work (as exact description as possible)

Aloituspvm /  Start date

Lopetuspvm / End date

Veroton hinta / Price without VAT (= your salary base)

Alv-%  /  VAT percentage

VAT percentage is determined by the work done. 24% is general and the most common percentage.  If you are uncertain of which VAT to use please select 24%. Our invoice handler will check and correct the percentage if needed. If invoicing another EU-country please select Alv% ”O% alv palvelumyynti toisessa EU maassa arvonlisäverolliselle elinkeinonharjoittajalle” ( service sales in another EU country).

After selecting the VAT you can see the invoice amount including VAT in the column “Yhteensä” (Total).

You can add lines via “Lisää laskutettava tuote” button. You can also easily copy (“Kopioi”) and delete (“Poista”) lines.

If you have a lot of days to invoice, it´s easiest to fill in a total sum of work and write description “Working hours according to the enclosed list” and send the list to us via “Laskun liitteet” (Attachments) / ”Valitse tiedostot” (Select files).

Matkalasku / Travel costs

If you have agreed with your customer that work price includes travel costs please select the check box “Matkakulut sis. hintaan”.  (Travel costs are included in the price). In this case the share of travel costs is automatically deducted from the price of work and paid to you without withholding income tax.

When you invoice for mileage or daily allowances, you need to fill in a travel form. You can easily copy (“Kopioi”) and delete (“Poista”) lines in travel form.

If you have travelled by public transport and charge daily allowances, the required information is a travel date, start/end time and also the route. Receipts like bus or train tickets can be sent via the invoice attachments function “Laskun liitteet” (Invoice attachments).

If you have travelled with your own car, then the required information is also the car´s registration number and the mileage in the beginning of the trip.

Auton rekisterinumero/ Car registration number

Matkamittarin lukema matkan alussa / Milage in the beginning of the trip.

You can start filling in details of the travel via “Lisää matkarivi (Add a travel line) function. Please note that you have to make a separate line for each travel day.

Päivämäärä/ Travel date

Matkareitti ja ajon tarkoitus / Route and purpose for the trip

Auto, km / Car, mileage

Peräkärry, km / Trailer, number of kilometers

Ateriakorvaus / Meal compensation

Alkoi, klo /   Trip started, time

Loppui, klo / Trip ended, time

Päiväraha (yli 10h), kpl / Full-time allowance (trip over 10 hours)

Osapäiväraha (yli 6h), kpl / Part-time allowance (trip over 6 hours)

The total amount of the mileage and day allowances automatically generates a new line  on your invoice. The same VAT is added to the travel costs as to the work performed. Travel costs, that are itemized on the invoice, are non-taxable income for you. This means that no preliminary tax will be withheld.

In case you don´t invoice travel costs to your customer, you can apply a deduction by adding them to your personal taxation. Deduction granted by the tax authorities will likely be less than costs that are itemized on the invoice.

Invoice attachments

Send files like hour lists or purchase receipts via “Valitse tiedosto”(Select file) function. When receipts are charged to your customer, the same VAT is added as to your work.

If purchase receipts are included in the work price , please select the check box “Liitteenä olevat kululaskut sisältyvät hintaan” (Attached purchase receipts are included in the price).

The expenses will be deducted from the invoice sum before salary payment and they will be covered in full, as tax-free. You will receive salary plus the amount of expenses to your bank account. Expenses don´t show up in your salary slip.

Do not send your tax card through this, you can do that in “Asetukset (Settings) / Omat Tiedot” (Personal information) section.

Lisätiedot / Additional information

Eräpäivä laskulle / Due date

You can freely agree on a due date with companies, but the due date must be at least one day after invoicing day. We recommend, that the due date is always at least 7 days from the invoicing day. The most common is 14 days (especially for invoicing private persons)

Koska haluat, että palkka maksetaan?/ When do want your salary?

You can select ”Heti kun maksusuoritus on tullut” (As soon as the payment has been received) or “Pyydettäessä” (Upon request).

We pay your salary no later, than the following day after we have received the payment for the invoice. If you select “Pyydettäessä” you have to inform us when you want the salary payment.

The salary slip is sent to your online bank service as “verkkopalkka” (online salary). If your online bank service offers several online salary options, you can view our slip by selecting Apix. Salary slips are stored in your online bank service for 18 months. They can only be displayed by logging in with bank IDs. You can print or save them if you want. Salaries are paid via Osuuspankki.

Lisätietoja laskun käsittelijälle / Additional information for our invoice handler

Here you can write additional information for our invoice handler. This information does not appear on the invoice

Esikatsele ja lähetä / Preview and send

Now you can preview and send the invoice by clicking “Esikatsele ja lähetä”. If some information is missing you will get the notification “Ole hyvä ja korjaa punaisella merkatut kohdat” which means, that you have to check the red-marked items and correct them.

You can also save the draft by clicking “Tallenna luonnos”.

Laskutuksen esikatselu – Invoice preview

In “Laskutuksen esikatselu” you can see the summary of your billing order and if everything is correct you can send it via “Lähetä laskutusmääräys” (Send billing order). If you still want to edit it you can click “Muokkaa” (Edit).

Laskut – Invoices

In this section you can see all your invoices and their status (“Tila”). You can also see the due date (“Eräpäivä”).

Luonnos        = Draft

Käsittelyssä = Pending

Lähetetty      = Sent

Maksettu      = Paid

The status of the invoice becomes “Lähetetty” (Sent)  as soon as we have checked and sent it to your customer. You can also preview your invoice by clicking the invoice number.

If your invoice is in ”Luonnos” (Draft) mode you can still edit it.

If the invoice needs to be corrected or credited after sending, please send the request to our email The submitted invoice cannot be edited in the application.

Asetukset – Settings

Omat tiedot – Personal information

You can use this form to inform us about changes in your contact information or send a new tax card.

Viestiasetukset  – Message settings

Here you can select, if you want to receive important news related to our service.

“Kyllä” (Yes) we recommend this.

“Ei” (No, thank you).

You can save your choice by clicking “Tallenna”.

Vaihda salasana – Change your password

“Nykyinen salasana” (Current password)

“Uusi salasana” (New password)

“Uusi salasana uudestaan” (Repeat your new password)

Click ”Vaihda salasana” (Change the password)

Vaihda sähköpostiosoite – Change your email address

Here you can see the email address, which is connected to your account. You can add another email address by “Lisää sähköposti” and then select which one is primary “Aseta ensisijaiseksi” and confirm it by “Lähetä vahvistus uudelleen”. You can also delete (”Poista”) an email address, if it’s not current anymore.

Ota käyttöön kaksivaiheinen tunnistautuminen – Two-step authentication

If you want you can enable two-step authentication with Google Authenticator or another compatible verification code app.

Vaihe 1 / Step 1 – Read the QR-code using Google Authenticator or another compatible verification code app

Vaihe 2 /Step 2 – Enter the code provided by a code application and confirm “Vahvista”.